Basketball Information

 West Hills Christian School, offers basketball for girls and boys grades 5th-8th.
 5th and 6th boys and girls teams play in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO).  We have a team for each grade level and will make room for all who would like to play. For 5th and 6th grade each team will have 2 practices during the week and maybe one on saturday until games start in January.  In CYO, all games are on Saturdays. Season runs from November 21st through March 18th.
7th and 8th grade boys and girls teams play in the Metro Christian League (MCL) and in some cases will play in the MCL and the CYO.  Each of these teams will also have 2 practices during the week along with 1-3 games a week.  No games on the weekends unless they are also playing in the CYO league. 7th and 8th grade season runs from the week of November 21st through the beginning of March.
We have a strong tradition of basketball at West Hills Christian, and would love for you to have your child/children play basketball for West Hills Christian School!
Please look for information coming soon about basketball sign ups/ registration on our Website ( , from Denise Goffe, or myself, via email.
If you are interested in coaching basketball, please let me know as soon as possible.  
If you have any questions about basketball please let me know, happy to answer.

Doug Loiler, Athletic Director 503.977.5496